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wedding ring
Wedding rings are objects that become symbols of a marriage. Do you know why the wedding ring worn as a symbol? If you know the significance and meaning, you will be more appreciative of forcing a marriage.

The Eternal togetherness Will Not Be Destroyed

Since ancient times, rings are a special jewelry. The ring is a jewelry that became a symbol of a circle that will not be broken or crushed. In many cultures that believe in immortality, the ring is a symbol of eternity itself. As for a pair of wedding rings, meaning it will be a lasting togetherness and commitment will not be destroyed.

Triumph and Strength

A few centuries ago, the ring is a luxury jewelry made of very expensive materials. Only certain people in high places and can wear it. When the ring has become the symbol of a marriage, the meaning becomes the attainment of prominence and power carried by two people who support each other through life and marriage.

The unity of complementarity

Ring always has a spherical shape, without beginning, without end. Ring depicts the lives of everyday people who continue to spin like a wheel. There is birth, death, sadness, happiness. In a wedding ring, it is interpreted as a complementary unity of life. Accept each other disadvantages, complementary perfection.

Proof of Love Without End and A Commitment

Wedding rings have long been a symbol of unity. Those who wear wedding rings indicate their status as married people. Many people believe that the wedding ring has appeal to bring victory and luck. Beyond belief that, wearing a wedding ring is proof of endless love and a commitment.

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